Immigration Consequences of Criminal Legal System Involvement

We witness every day how even small contacts with the criminal legal system can result in permanent separation from family members and exclusion from this country. For those who have legal status in the US, a conviction can lead to permanent deportation or denial of any chance of US citizenship. For non-citizens, just an arrest can be federal detention and deportation - even if the local criminal case is ultimately thrown out. BDS advocates for vacaturs and pardons of past criminal history and fights to mitigate the harm of the criminal legal system for immigrants.



Immigrant Defense Project: Marijuana Legalization and Considerations for Immigrant New Yorkers Community FAQ

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Pass the New York for All Act

Take action to urge your legislators and others in your community to support the New York for All Act, which will help to protect immigrant families across New York. Visit NY4ALL's Digital Action Toolkit to take action today.