We are looking for defenders in Brooklyn.

A social worker and an attorney talking as they walk through the streets of Brooklyn, New York.



Our staff consists of attorneys, social workers, administrative professionals, and many more specialists who are experts in their field and committed to providing zealous representation and advocacy for the people we represent.

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Brooklyn Defenders serves our clients and pursues our mission through the dedication and talent of our staff. Whether you are an attorney, administrative assistant, social worker, HR professional, or any other role at BDS, all defenders are a vital part of the organization.

A jail services advocate standing outside of Kings County Criminal Court.
A re-entry advocate standing outside of Kings County Criminal Court.

Who We Look For

BDS looks for applicants who are passionate about public defense and who have a demonstrated history of success in their chosen field. If you agree that the core of public defense lies in compassion, fairness, and zealous advocacy, please apply.

Our Culture

BDS is committed to engaging a diverse team of staff who reflect the communities we represent. Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Department aims to foster a culture of growth and opportunity for all employees. We aim to provide BDS staff with opportunities for growth and support, including ongoing trainings and lectures, affinity groups, celebrations of culture, mentoring and individual support targeted to the unique challenges faced by public defenders.

Our Compensation Philosophy

BDS has a salary-transparency policy to ensure that salaries are consistent and equitable across the organization. Attorneys are paid on a scale based on their year of law school graduation. Others are paid on a scale based on a combination of education and experience.

Our Benefits

BDS has generous policies to support our staff. This includes:

  • Paid Time off for vacations, religious and cultural observance, holidays, and for sickness, disability, bereavement, parental leave and other needs.
  • Comprehensive health benefits.
  • Access to technology, such as cell phones and laptops.
The office manager smiling at a colleague across the table.
Working at Brooklyn Defender Services for over fourteen years has been incredibly rewarding. I have been able to grow as a litigator, legal writer and negotiator, all while providing top-notch representation. Over the years I’ve heard other public defenders say, ‘we meet people at the lowest point in their lives.’ Brooklyn Defender Services and my colleagues here have given me the tools, support and training to not only navigate my clients through the legal system but to also see them graduate, complete programs, maintain years of sobriety, excel in the workforce, get married and have children.
Aminie, Attorney, Criminal Defense Practice