As public defenders, we learn about challenges our clients are facing at home and in their communities. Being advocates means stepping in to help solve problems that impact the essentials of life, through legal or social work services.

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Our social workers and attorneys help you navigate complicated government systems in order to file for immigration status, apply for housing, secure health and unemployment benefits, and meet other civil and social needs.

The Work

You may be eligible for benefits that can help address issues such as houselessness, your health or mental health, barriers to education or food insecurity. Our advocates identify remedies and help you apply for what you deserve to meet your basic needs and achieve your goals.

Advocating for benefits, privileges, and resources

Our civil justice staff, social workers, and other advocates will help you access benefits by submitting applications, accessing housing resources, developing individualized education plans and receiving other affirmative benefits.

Providing social work assistance

Our social workers and other advocates offer you support and will provide you with treatment and services to help resolve your court case. After your case is over, we will offer on-going assistance in areas such as housing, education, employment and benefits.