Keeping people in school, at work and in their homes

If your education, employment, housing or benefits are threatened, our team will defend you. BDS staff are experts in navigating the complex web of destructive consequences – often stemming from an arrest or ACS involvement – that deprive people of the basic essentials of life. Whether you have been served a notice of eviction, denied public benefits, your children have been denied services at school or you are being terminated from your job, the Civil Justice Practice staff will assist you.

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Defending you from all sides.

Meet with you & identify your concerns

If you are referred to the Civil Justice Practice, we will listen to you and identify how we can help with your housing, benefits, education and employment issues.

Defend your right or your children’s right to an education

We will fight a school suspension, make sure your child's school includes you in educational decisions and ensure disability-related resources are provided to you or your child.

Fight against employment discrimination & wage theft

If your employment license or job itself is threatened because of your court case, we will fight for you to keep your job and to receive wages that are rightfully owed to you.

Fight eviction and houselessness

If you are facing eviction from your home, whether private or public housing, we will stand with you and defend you in court or at administrative proceedings. Housing is a basic right that we fight to protect.

Fight for the benefits you are entitled to

We will help you access public benefits, such as public assistance, SNAP and disability income.

Get your property returned

If the police have confiscated your essential items, such as a phone or car, we will assist you in getting it back, so you can get back to work or school.