Keeping families together

If your family is facing an ACS investigation or ACS has brought you to court, our team of experts will protect your rights. If you are brought to court, our attorneys will fight to get and keep your children out of foster care and resolve your family court case as quickly as possible.

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Defending you from all sides.

Advise you during an ACS investigation

As soon as you become aware that ACS is investigating you and your family, you can access assistance from BDS.

Support you & your family in meetings with ACS

Families are required to attend numerous conferences with ACS or foster care agencies. We will partner with you to prepare and attend conferences to make sure your voice is heard.

Stand with & defend you in court

We will fight for you in court through hearings, motions, and other forms of advocacy. This includes arguing in court for increased visitation as well as to keep or return your children home.

Help you access resources

Our social work team will assist you in identifying resources to achieve your personal objectives and to help resolve your court case.

Fight to unify you with your children & end ACS surveillance

Throughout your case, we will fight for your children to return to and remain home and minimize ACS intervention. We will fight for your right to make educational and medical decisions for your children.

Reduce collateral consequences of the family regulation system

If you have a finding on the State Central Register or have a court case, we will work to minimize the impact on your housing, employment and immigration status.