Fighting Deportation

If you are facing an arrest that may threaten your immigration status, you have been detained by ICE and facing deportation or you are eligible to change your immigration status, our legal experts and social work team will work together to defend you. We will fight for your right to stay and live in the United States freely and safely, in your community and with your family and loved ones.

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Defending you from all sides.

Meet with you & discuss your options

Whether you are detained and facing deportation or facing a situation that threatens your immigration status, we will listen to your history and work with you to bring to light all the important issues.

Minimize impact of other legal proceedings

We minimize the impact of other legal proceedings, such as an arrest or ACS involvement, on your immigration status.

Fight for your release from ICE detention

We fight for your release from ICE custody by litigating in court and working with relatives or bail funds to post bond. If you are detained, we will support you and advocate for what you need while you are in ICE detention.

Stand with you & defend you in court

We will stand beside you, in and out of court, including hearings and trial and at check-ins with ICE.

Assist you

Our social work and legal teams can help you access resources you need, such as medical treatment, housing, employment and education.

Pursue all avenues of relief

We will determine if you are eligible for an affirmative immigration status and pursue all avenues of relief. If you are facing deportation, we will identify defenses based on your individual circumstances, collect evidence and present the case to the immigration court.