NYPD’s Racial Bias in Ticketing Cyclists Continued Last Year

Police officer stopping a cyclist on the street.

From Jan. 1, 2021 through the end of the September, police issued 118 tickets to bikers for bike-related infractions such as reckless operation, biking in a park, and biking on the sidewalk, according to a city database. Of those where race was listed, 88 — or 75 percent — went to Black and Latinx New Yorkers. Just 12 tickets — or 10 percent — went to White cyclists.


“The NYPD’s racist Broken Windows policing criminalizes everyday life, needlessly sweeping almost exclusively Black and Latinx people into the legal system and imposing draconian fines and fees. Under the guise of ‘street safety’, this is just another tactic the NYPD uses to stop, harass, and frisk people of color,” said Jackie Gosdigian, senior policy counsel at Brooklyn Defender Services. “It does nothing to keep our streets and communities safe, instead it encourages policing-for-profit, extracts wealth from people unable to afford it, and puts people at risk of arrest and an endless cycle of punishment and poverty.”

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