NYC Defenders Call on Albany to Pass Critical Criminal Legal System Reforms Before the Legislative Session Concludes in Early June

(NEW YORK, NY) - The Legal Aid Society, Brooklyn Defender Services, The Bronx Defenders, New York County Defender Services, the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem and Queens Defenders called on Albany lawmakers to enact a series of critical criminal legal system reforms before session concludes in early June.

These measures include:
• Clean Slate Act – S1553C (Myrie) / A6399A (Cruz)
• Elder Parole – S15 (Hoylman) / A3475 (De La Rosa)
• Fair and Timely Parole – S1415 (Rivera) / A4231 (Weprin)
• Treatment Not Jail Act– S2881B (Ramos) / A8524A (Forrest)
• End Predatory Court Fees – S3979C (Salazar) / A2348B (Niou)
• Promote Pre-Trial Stability and Ensure Judicial Review of Orders of Protection (PromPT Stability Act) – S2832B (Ramos) / A4558B (Quart)
• Secure Due Process Protections and Protect Fundamental Rights to Appellate Review – S1280 and S1281 (Bailey) / A5687 and A5688

View the full press release here.

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