ICE Suddenly Transfers Dozens of Immigrants Detained in Orange County

“ICE’s decision to transfer detained immigrant New Yorkers from the Orange County Correctional Facility to unknown locations outside of the NYC area, without any prior notice to detained people’s families or legal counsel, is reckless and unsafe,” NYIFUP said in a statement. The NYIFUP includes three public defender groups: The Bronx Defenders, The Legal Aid Society, and Brooklyn Defender Services.

Ellen Pachnanda, the Attorney-in-Charge for the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project at Brooklyn Defender Services, said that of the 17 clients that the group represented at the Orange facility, they knew of 11 that had been transferred on Monday to Mississippi. Brooklyn Defender Services did not receive transfer notifications until Monday in the late afternoon and evening, Pachnanda said.

“They’re not only taking, obviously, these individuals away from their communities and families, but they’re taking them away from their access and their right to counsel of choice,” Pachnanda said.

View the full Documented NY article here.

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