Brooklyn Defender Services’ (BDS) diverse staff provides multi-disciplinary, and client-centered criminal defense, family defense, immigration, civil legal services, social work support and advocacy in nearly 40,000 cases involving indigent Brooklyn residents every year.

To contact Brooklyn Defender Services, please call the following numbers:

Main Number and Criminal Defense Practice: (718) 254-0700
Family Defense Practice: (347) 592-2500
Immigration Practice: (718) 564-6290

To contact an individual BDS staff member, please see the directory below:


Accomando, Melissa
Ahmed, Deluwara
Alexander, Tess
Alexandre, Rachelle
Alleyne, Aisha
Alpert, Emma
Amezcua, Isaura
Arias-Moreno, Erika
Arkin-Gallagher, Anna
Arya, Sarika
Attridge, Sarah
Austin, Ravan
Bailey, Richard
Ball, Daniel
Banayan, Jaclyn
Bandy, Dipona
Barbagiannis, Efthimia
Barrett, Antolina
Barron, Kyle
Basak, Piyali
Baum, Michael
Beal, Tanner
Bello, Danelly
Berger, Laura
Bernhardt, Sophia
Betances, Stephany
Blank, Jeffrey
Blumberg, Shawn
Blyth, Kyle
Booth, Molly
Bowles, Rita
Brennan, Justine
Brierly-Snowden, Jessica
Briody, Alyssa
Briones, Melissa
Bristol, Heather
Brock, Jasmine
Brosh, William
Brown, Megan
Brown, Shantelle
Bryan, William
Budnick, Charles
Buller, Lindsey
Burke, Jamie
Burleson, Sarah
Butler, Katrina A
Calloway, Sabrina
Campbell, Lawrence
Caruana, Jacqueline
Castro, Jade
Castro, Shabel
Ceballos-Arias, Angelica
Cedano, Irene
Chamberlin, Aubrey
Chang, Alison
Charland, Stacy
Charles, Jael
Chausow, Jared
Cheng, Wendy
Chitohwa, Yolanda
Choi, Eileen
Cleary, Ryan
Coakley, Jean
Cohen, Amos
Cole, Adam
Cooke, George
Coomes, Scott
Coyle, Mary
Crawford, Maurice
Cruz, Nicole
Dalsimer, Sophie
Damren, Nathaniel
Daniel Vasquez, Elizabeth
Daniels, Edward
Davila, Eric
Davis, Candice
Dean, Stephen
DeAvila, Kelsey
DeBellis, John
Dellatorre Adams, Michelle
Deutsch, Peer
Dewey, David
Dieckmann, Christina M
Diller, Peter
Domenzain, Gabriela
Donovan, Alexis
Doss, Mark
Dougherty, Alexandra
Downes, Meghan
Draper, Kelsey
Dugan, Marjorie
Eacho, Allyson
Eckblad, Susanna
Ekwofia, Esiena
Elzarka, Noran
Estevez, Alexandra
Fayemi, Olukemi
Fequiere, Natasha
Ferlise, Alexandra
Fernandez, Ashlynn
Fernandez, Jheimy
Fine, Anthony
Finkelstein, Lauren
Fioravante, Dane
Fisher, Alexandra
Foley, Dinah
Forester, Elizabeth
Forrester, Claudia
Frankel, Deborah
Freiman, Gabriel
Friedman, Andrew
Friedman, Jenny
Fuentes, Cynthia
Gadson, Candis
Garcia, Izabel
Gardephe, Sophie
Gardner, Amy
Gardner, Marian
Gentile, Miriam
George, Chloe
Giacoma, Lilian
Gibbons, Mary
Giovanniello, Paul
Gittens, Jasmine
Gladston, Lewis
Goldstein, Sarah
Gomez, Laura
Gonzalez, Catherine
Gonzalez, Elizabeth
Goodman, Rachel
Gottlieb, Caroline
Grigore, Anca
Guerrero, Nicole
Gunther, Kevin
Hall, Jordan
Hamann, Amanda
Hamilton, Samuel
Han, Sarah
Hankins, Thomas
Hastings, Theodore
Hebert, Dara
Hechinger, Scott
Heilbrun, Matteo
Herman, Kristine
Herr, Christopher
Herrera-Carino, Marco
Hession, Natalie
Hickey, Nyasa L
Hoff, Linda
Holbrook, Brian
Holliday, Alonte
Holliday, Tamara
Howell, Joan
Hughes, Clinton
Hughes, Dorothy
Husain, Murtaza
Jean, Rebecca
Joly, Zoe
Jones, Brian
Joseph, Carlie
Juarbe Santaliz, Angelica
Julme, Thalia
Julstrom-Agoyo, Julia
Kagan, Gittel
Kaishian, Maryanne
Kamalian, Jenny
Karlsson, Susannah
Katz, Samantha
Keeney, Elizabeth
Kendrick, Joyce D
Kerrigan, Amy
Kessler, Bridget
Kevill-Ahmad, Deirdre
Kidani, Kimberly
Kieselstein, Daniel
Kilkuskie, Bailey
Kim, Jiyoon
King, Colleen
King, Tricia
Kinsella, Rebecca
Kline, David
Kokenes, Rachel
Koorji, Alaizah
Koppenhofer, Mackenzie
Krumwiede, Julie
LaFontaine, Richard
Laino, John
Lampert, Alexandra
Lane, Cassidy
Lauterback, Molly
Lavoie, Ashley E
Lawler, Emma
Lawson, Tracy
Lee, Yung-Mi
Leib, Dana
Levi, Hela S
Levine, Rachel
Levitskaya, Alexandra
Lipp, Carolyn
Lipsky, Jacob M
Lissy, Kathryn
Long-Waldor, Lindsay
Lopez, Melissa
Louissaint, Sheila
Luskin, Charles
Lyubarsky, Andrew
Maeder, Sara
Maes, Robert
Magarinos, Jennifer
Magel, Paul
Maloney, Crystal
Mancini, Daniela
Mandery, Edward
Marcus, Jessica
Marquez, Sonia
Marritz, Amelia
Marton, Danielle
Mata, Natalia
Matar, Hady
Mawhinney, Sarah
Mayol, Anthony
McCarthy, Edward
McCarthy, Margaret
McCarthy, Meghan
McCrea, Hannah
McErlean, Timothy
McHugh, Alexander
McIntee, Kelli
McKenna, Kathleen
McNamara, Eileen
Mease, Cameron K
Meltzer, Molly
Mendelsohn, Sarah
Menschel, Brooke
Merchant, Sarah
Mercurio, James
Mercuris, Hannah
Miedel, Eliza
Miller, Rebecca M
Millette, Asia-Sierra
Miranda-Gaffar, Lara
Mitchell, Ashley
Mitchell, Susan
Modzeleski, Jillian
Moletteri, Andrea
Molinaro, Sara
Montaigne, Eugenie
Montemayor, Victor
Montesquieu, Maria
Muentes, Maria
Mukarji-Connolly, Anya
Myren, Adam
Nakashima, Kelly
Nasatir, Kimberly
Natarajan, Nila
Nimmala, Keerthana
Nitsche, Jessica
Nolasco, Samantha
Nunez, Topacio
O’Connor, Alfred
O’Donovan, Douglas
Offen, Nora
Okun, Julia
Orduno Flores, Bladimir
Orgill, Janissia
Ortiz, Luis
Ortiz, Michelle
O’Toole, Emily
Pachnanda, Ellen
Padolina, Kristal
Pai, Hemangi S
Paige, Niambi
Palmer, Marquis
Panday, Ambika
Parker, Melissa
Passa, Guillermina
Peck, Sydney T
Pedro, Christopher
Perbix, Brian
Perez, Alfredo
Perks, Christopher P
Perlin, Alexander
Perry, Hanna
Pichardo, Yocasta
Poirot, Collin
Price, Lauren
Prine, Henry
Quintero-Millan, Michelle
Raimondi, Guy
Ramirez, Lorena
Ramovic, Senad
Regis, Danielle
Rhodd, Moshammet
Riedel, Michelle
Riether, Robert
Rivera Ramirez, Elsa Paulina
Rivera, Nancy
Robinson, Henry
Robison, Matthew
Rochon, Alexander
Rockoff, Jesse
Rodriguez, Laurita
Rose, Aubrey
Rosenberg, Alan
Ross, William
Roughton III, Bert
Royall, James
Saenz, Andrea
Saft, Laura
Salazar, Xandra
Salvatore, Lisa
Schectman, Rebecca
Schlansky, Lauren
Schmelkin, Adam
Schmidt, Daniella
Schneider, Ronald
Schnell, Samantha
Schrading, Sarah
Schwartz, Emily
Schwartz, Rebecca
Secular, David G
Segal, Emma
Seroussi, Alysha
Shaffer, Emily
Shapiro, Lauren
Shelton, Jacquelyn
Sherman, Marissa K
Shimizu, Shelle
Siegel, Kevin
Sieger, Joseph
Silberman, Debora
Simon, Arielle V
Sinchi, Silvia
Skosnik, Eliza
Slizewski, Patricia
Smith, Lindsey
Smith, Rachel
Smithson, Margaret
Smyth, Melissa
Sosa, Tatianna
Soto, Natali
Soto-Paniagua, Nairy
Spiegel, Sophie
Spirig, Simone
Stein, Shari
Steiner, Emma
Sternlieb, Erin
Still, Alliyah
Stocking, Alison
Stoloff, Heather
Suelflow, Natasha
Suslovic, Brianna
Swain, Michael
Taj, Nabila
Tate-Cousins, Sonia
Tawfik, Alexandra
Telfair-Garcia, Alexis
Thomas, Wilton
Trent, Melissa
Uwakwe, Rebecca
Valencia, Saskia
VanHouten, Mary
Vasta-Kuby, Emma
Velasquez, Andrea
Vest, Laura
Vogelstein, Lynn
Wadia, Darius
Walker, Chauncey R
Waxman, Michael
Way, Michael
Whalen, Emily
White, Alicia
White, Chrishana
Williams, Phillip
Winshall, Nathan
Wittwer, Benjamin
Wooley, Laura
Woolworth, Aminie L
Yee, Mackenzie
Ying, Iris
Young, Danielle
Zarabi, Shirin
Zilberman, Masha
Zubay, Brenda