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Brooklyn Defender Services is a non-profit that provides legal representation at no charge to our clients. We will never ask for money for our services or anything related to our clients’ cases. A phone scam has come to our attention where the caller represents themselves as calling from Brooklyn Defender Services to say that a loved one has been arrested and asks for bail money. The caller may also say they are from “Kings County Public Defender Office” – there is no such organization. These callers are preying on vulnerable people and we strongly condemn their actions.

If you or someone you know receives a suspicious call purporting to be from Brooklyn Defender Services, request the caller’s name, hang up, and call our office at (718) 254-0700 and request to speak with that person. If the caller is a BDS employee, we will connect you to them. The purpose of this message is to prevent future scams and our staff will not be offended if you ask to verify their identity in this manner.