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Our immigrant clients need your help.

Exorbitant application fees are often the only thing keeping them from obtaining lawful status, supporting their families, and living a life out from under the shadows and fear of deportation.

This Giving Tuesday, you can help break this barrier by donating to our Immigration Fees Fund.

Your support has already helped dozens of our clients pay for DACA application forms ($495), green card renewals ($540), work authorizations ($410), medical exams ($175-300), and more.

Here are some of their stories:

  • BDS helped a father of three facing deportation win his immigration case and stay in the United States. However, because he could not afford the fee required for him to work, his family faced eviction from their home. Our Immigration Fees Fund helped him get authorization and support his family.
  • A mother struggling with poverty and homelessness lost her documents that proved her lawful immigration status, which she needed to apply for Medicaid. Our Immigration Fees Fund covered the cost of her green card application so she could access the benefits needed to keep her family together.
  • A father was facing the very real possibility of detention and/or deportation if his I-130 immigration application (based on his children’s U.S. resident status) wasn’t filed ASAP. Out of work because of a recent car accident, the $535 fee was out of the question. Donations to our Immigration Fees Fund covered this cost.
You can help more families like these with a one-time or recurring donation to our Immigration Fees Fund. We thank you for your support.