Brenda Zubay

Senior Social Worker, Education

Tel 718-254-0700 x172

Brenda Zubay joined BDS in April 2014. She is very excited to be a social worker in the new Education Advocacy Project. Prior to working at BDS, Brenda was working at The Bronx Defenders with parents who were being charged of abuse or neglect of their children.

Brenda moved to New York City from Sugar Land, TX at the age of 18 to start her social work career. She knew early on that she wanted to work in a profession guided by principles and values similar to her own and the social work Code of Ethics and emphasis on social justice drew her in. She completed her undergraduate degree at NYU School of Social Work. While going to school there she did her field placement at the Jacob Riis Neighborhood Settlement House in Long Island City where she led an after-school group for 8th graders as well as facilitated a support group for Spanish-speaking community members. After graduating from NYU, she immediately went into the Columbia School of Social Work Advanced Standing program and graduated with her MSW in May 2008 while doing her field placement at The Bronx Defenders Family Defense Practice.

In addition to her work with clients and advocacy on their behalf, Brenda enjoys teaching about the interplay between social work and the law. Once a year she is a guest lecturer for a law minor class at Columbia School of Social work. Additionally, she was the social work teacher for the first Cardozo Law School Family Defense Clinic from 2013-2014 where she infused the social work perspective to the legal representation of parents in family court proceedings. In January 2012, Brenda received her Supervision in Field Instruction certification and is a Field Instructor for social work interns who are getting their MSW degree. She also proposed a paper for the first annual Evolving Motherhood Conference at the NYC Museum of Motherhood which she presented in May 2012. Brenda is now a member of the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers and will be presenting at the organization’s annual conference in July 2014.

Brenda is fluent in Spanish as her mother’s side of the family is from Argentina and she was spoken to in Spanish from a very young age. In regards to working at BDS and her coworkers here, she says “Che, que buena onda!”