Michael Starace

Arraignment Clerk

Tel (718) 254-0700 x140

Michael Starace came to BDS in 2000, abandoning a career in the fast-paced, high-pressure food service industry. He has been BDS’ Principal Arraignment Clerk for over a decade now, and is a regular fixture in the courthouse community in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

As Arraignment Clerk, Mike assesses each new case and assigns the matter to the most appropriate attorney. He assists family members, court personnel and clients with the wide range of issues that arise in arraignments, and manages the flow of work in the court part to assure as expeditious a resolution of each and every case as is humanly possible. Mike also conducts computer assisted research on attorneys’ behalf into clients’ criminal histories, pending court dates and possible bench warrants. He also performs the initial data entry of every new case assigned in arraignments into BDS’ computerized case management system.

Working late night shifts, Mike is not exactly a “morning person.” New attorneys are advised to give him his space until he has finished his daily ritual orange juice. Once he is fully awake, though, Mike is beloved by all and an indispensable part of the BDS family.