Emily Schwartz

Tel Ext. 396

Emily Schwartz grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, a town whose claim to fame is being the biggest town “population-wise” in the country. After graduating high school, she headed north to Burlington, Vermont where she received her B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Vermont. Knowing she wanted to be a lawyer at some point, but not sure when, Emily worked as a paralegal at The Children’s Law Center in Brooklyn. It was there she made the decision to apply for law school in order to work for those most marginalized by the justice system.

Emily is a proud graduate of CUNY School of Law. As a student Emily partook in various activities as well as internships with MFY Legal Services, The Legal Aid Society and none other than BDS! Her experience at BDS solidified her desire to pursue a career as a public defender. Emily is ecstatic to be at her dream job and be part of such an amazing organization.