Kimberly Nasatir

Senior Social Worker, Criminal Defense Practice

Tel (718) 254-0700 x271

Kimberly Nasatir is delighted to be part of the BDS team, and excited to contribute to public defense work in Brooklyn. She graduated with her Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in May of 2013. Her experience included interning at a public middle school in the Bronx, where she provided individual counseling services and facilitated an art therapy group focused on building self-esteem and communication skills to empower youth. In her final year of graduate school, she had an enlightening internship at The Bronx Defenders in both the Family and Criminal Defense Practices.

At The Bronx Defenders, Kimberly experienced comprehensive training within two very different legal systems affecting the Bronx community. She cultivated her strong inclination towards oral and written advocacy, representing parents involved in the child welfare system, along with written pre-pleading investigation memorandums on behalf of clients facing criminal charges. During the summer of 2012, Kimberly was involved in a community development internship in the Tamil Nadu District in Southern India. She co-created a case study that addressed health improvements in this rural village, critically considering individuals’ behaviors and barriers in order to promote and initiate change.

Prior to graduate school, she worked as a producer for a news analysis radio program in Los Angeles. In addition, she was a contract administrator for the largest US entertainment labor union for five years, where she fought for worker’s rights,job security, and benefits.

Outside of work, Kimberly is passionate about musical theatre and visual arts. She has a background in writing, and believes that sharing stories is one of the most powerful and important ways to create connection. Additionally, she has been dedicated to the practice of yoga for most of her adult life. She also did a brief stint in Acupuncture, though soon realized that needlework was not her desired craft.

Kimberly’s pursuits have been multifaceted and eclectic, yet they remain centered on progressing social justice.