Amanda Jack

Senior Staff Attorney, Criminal Defense Practice

Tel (718) 254-0700 x237

Amanda Jack joined BDS as a trial attorney in September of 2011 . She is a proud graduate of CUNY School of Law where she was educated under the philosophy of “Law in the Service of Human Needs”. Amanda was a student in the year-long Public Defender Clinic where she represented clients in Queens county criminal court and grew to understand the long reach of the criminal justice system and the dire need for client-centered defense work.

Before law school, Amanda had a variety of work experiences, all of which tied into the prison industrial complex. A native of rural Western Pennsylvania, Amanda graduated from Boston College in 2002 with degrees in English and American Studies, with a focus on U.S.-Mexico border studies. After graduation, she spent three years in Austin, Texas organizing within the day laborer community and later organizing formerly incarcerated people for state-wide reform with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. Having seen the deleterious effects of the war on drugs where incarceration is preferred to treatment, she jumped at the opportunity to engage in human rights work in Colombia in order to better understand its complexities and origins. Amanda lived for a year and half among a rural farmer community caught in the intersections of the violence created by the drug trade and free trade agreements. Having experienced one aspect of America’s war on drugs focused her commitment to defend the victims of it back home and to tackle what she considers the most pressing human rights crisis in the U.S.: mass incarceration.

Amanda is thrilled to now be working as a trial attorney with Brooklyn Defender Services where she is committed to the zealous defense of her clients. She is an active member of the NYC Chapter of the National Lawyer’s Guild and their Mass Defense Committee and Street Law Committee. She also helps coordinate the 5 Borough Defenders group, an informal association of public defenders working to coordinate advocacy and action across the city on behalf of the civil rights of indigent New Yorkers.