Sharabia Holmes

Youth Advocate

Tel (718) 254-0700 x277

Sharabia Holmes is a lifelong native of Brooklyn. After attending her secondary high school years at the High School for Leadership and Public Service, Sharabia wanted to expand her horizons a little bit by attending school upstate in Plattsburg, New York where she participated in the Student Association.

After her sophomore year, Sharabia became homesick to return to her Brooklyn roots, and transferred back to CUNY York College where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

During the pursuit of her Bachelor’s Degree, Sharabia was employed as a Home Health Aide, where she experienced firsthand the needs of indigent clientele of New York City.

In her off time, Sharabia became and continues to be a freelance make-up artist and blogger for a website that specializes in current trends, where she writes about the latest fashion and makeup.