Dane Fioravante

Staff Attorney, Criminal Defense Practice

Tel (718) 254-0700 x347

Dane Fioravante graduated summa cum laude from St. Francis College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. It was while obtaining this degree that his interest in the rights of the accused began. While at St. Francis, he became an assistant in their Center for Crime and Popular Culture which focuses on how popular culture shapes and reflects public attitudes toward offenders, victims, and the operations of the criminal justice system. Dane went on to attend law school at Brooklyn Law School in their first ever 2-year accelerated J.D. program in 2014. Acquiring his Juris Doctor in 2016, he wanted a career in public defense and was eager to begin when Brooklyn Defender Services asked him to come on board.

Prior to joining Brooklyn Defender Services, Dane interned with The Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn, in their Criminal Defense Practice. He also worked with 18-B and federal CJA public defenders in Brooklyn, working on individual state defense cases and large-scale federal defense cases.

In criminal cases, wherein the government can take away a person’s liberty, Dane strongly believes that the rights of defendants are paramount. He will fight to make sure that the government is held to their burden and be as accurate as possible when presenting their case. He cares greatly about the Brooklyn community and wants to ensure that those charged with crimes are treated justly.