Esiena Ekwofia

Social Worker, Family Defense Practice

Tel (347) 592-2545

Esiena Ekwofia hails from across the across the bridge; New Jersey! She holds a BA in Psychology from Montclair State University with a minor in Sociology, and received her Master in Social Work degree with a specialization in Forensic Social Work from Long Island University.

In her second year, Esiena interned with Brooklyn Family Defense Project. At BFDP, she was introduced to interdisciplinary work and the role of a social worker in a legal office. After graduating, Esiena went to work for Bergen’s Promise, the designated Care Management Organization (CMO) for Bergen County, New Jersey. There, Esiena worked with youth ages 5 to 21, with serious behavioral health challenges, substance abuse issues and developmental disabilities. Youth with chronic co-occurring behavioral and specific medical health issues were also served through an enhanced medical care coordination component. Through this role, Esiena was able to provide care coordination and crisis work, in community, with children and families in Bergen County NJ.

Wanting to obtain more clinical experience, Esiena went on to work as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist at a community based agency in NJ. There she worked with an array of individuals, both children and adults. Esiena’s approach to counseling was heavily focused on the therapeutic relationship, and placing a strong emphasis on co-creating an environment where clients felt safe, supported, and challenged to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Feeling like something was missing; Esiena rejoined the BFDP team in March 2017, as a staff social worker, realizing this type of social work was a much better fit for her. As a woman of African descent, Esiena realizes that it is important for her to use her role as a social worker, to always promote social justice and anti-racism in the world. Esiena strongly believes in integrity and respect, and incorporates those values into her work. Esiena will always fight for the needs of those in her community. Esiena is excited and honored to serve the many residents of Brooklyn as a Social Worker in the Family Defense Practice.