Kelsey Draper

Paralegal, Family Defense Practice

Tel 347-592-2558

Kelsey joined the Family Defense Practice in March 2017. Originally from Colorado, Kelsey earned her BA in Cultural Anthropology and Gender Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After graduating, Kelsey pursued graduate studies abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and earned her MA and PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Cape Town.

Prior to BDS Kelsey worked as a principal investigator on an interdisciplinary project with the UN FAO that focused on developing indicator frameworks for fisheries management in the Benguela region. Kelsey’s work aimed to implement fisheries policy recommendations with a specific focus on the social, political, and environmental impacts of industrial fishing and resource extraction on coastal communities in southern Africa. Kelsey gained research and advocacy experience working within the trade union and student movements, advocating for workers’ rights and environmental and economic justice.

Kelsey enjoys rock climbing, bookstores, and live music. She volunteers with the Parole Preparation Project advocating for incarcerated individuals as they prepare for their parole board hearings. Kelsey is honored to be a part of BDS and serve the families of Brooklyn.