Jared Chausow

Senior Policy Specialist, Policy & Advocacy Team

Tel (718) 254- 0700 x.382

Jared Chausow worked in the New York State Senate for a total of six years, first as a Legislative Aide for former New York State Senator Tom Duane and finally as a Deputy Chief of Staff and Press Secretary for his successor, New York State Senator Brad Hoylman. In the Senate, Jared learned the meaning of effective advocacy on behalf of New York’s marginalized individuals, families, and communities. His issue areas included reducing government corruption, improving access to health care, preserving and expanding New York’s subsidized and rent regulated housing stock, reforming state drug laws, and securing the community-centered adaptive reuse of Bayview Prison.

Despite certain victories in government, Jared knows that our city, state, and country continue to rely on over-policing and mass incarceration in lieu of effective policies and programs to address mental illness, poverty, addiction, homelessness, immigration, and widespread invidious discrimination. After serving as the voice of an elected official, he is excited to join BDS to help amplify the voices of those underrepresented in the political system.

Jared has galumphed across two subcontinents and played a guitar-slinging priest in the Golden Badger Award-winning film, ‘Loves of a Cyclops.’ He is a New York State-licensed marriage officiant, and offers his services for free.