Sabrina Calloway

Parent Advocate, Family Defense Practice

Tel (347) 592-2556Fax (347) 325-9092

Sabrina Calloway joined the BDS team in August 2014 as a PA for Family Defense. Ms. Calloway received her BA in Psychology from York College, CUNY in 2007 where she advocated for student interests as President of the Student Club Council and as a Student Government Senator for 2 terms.

Ms. Calloway previously worked as a Senior Case Planner where she gained substantial experience seeking to meet the best interests of children in the foster care system. It was that experience that made her realize that the rights and needs of parents often are overlooked. This realization ignited her desire to advocate for parents and ensure that they had voices in a one sided system that only seemed to cater to the needs of children and not the family as a unit.

Ms. Calloway’s zeal for advocacy was also honed when she served as the National Director of Philanthropy for the Greek organization Delta Sigma Chi Sorority, Inc., an organization in which she has been a member since 2006.

A longtime resident of Brooklyn, NY, Ms. Calloway will always fight for the needs of those in her community, and is in the process of working to attain her Masters in Social Work to continue that fight from a new perspective.