Joi Burke

Administrative Assistant, Criminal Defense Practice

Joi was born and raised in New York and joined the BDS family in 2014 as a summer intern until she graduated from Hampton University and received a Bachelor’s degree in 2016. After receiving her degree she became a full time employee as the Litigation assistant for the Mental Health Unit and has been here ever since. In her spare time, Joi loves to dance and travel. Joi has been dancing since she was 3 years of age. She has danced all through her schooling and college career. She joined Majestic dance troupe while attending Hampton University for 4 years and held the Secretary position as a senior. When she returned back to New York post graduation she joined Lush Varsity dance company and currently remains an active member.

As a student ambassador with People to People she went to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Paris, and Germany at the age of 12. She was also a part of Top Teens of America where she was trained in leadership skills, professionalism, community service, and mentorship. Through these programs she received many scholarships for her duties during her tenure as a Top Teen and as a student ambassador. These skills and her love and commitment to her community are what drove her to join the BDS family.