Gustavo Alzate

Administrative Services Supervisor

Tel (347) 977-1492

Gustavo Alzate was born in a coffee-growing region of Colombia. In his youth Gustavo’s family shuttled between the big city and the rural coutryside, and Gustavo developed a life-long fascination with nature and the outdoors which continues to this day.

After studying biology at a state university in Colombia, Gustavo took up his other life-long passion: travel. After extensive journeys in South America, he immigrated to the USA in 1989 to live in New York.

Since then he has worked at numerous jobs in the service sector. He also managed to travel to Africa, Asia and Europe. After touring the world, Gustavo has now settled in New York again, where he is happy to be a part of the BDS family. His fluency in Spanish and Portuguese is a boon to the office.