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BDS Youth Advocate Dorell Smallwood greets New York State Assemblymember Walter Mosley at Mosley's annual youth job fair.

BDS Youth Advocate Dorell Smallwood accompanied several of his BDS mentees to Assemblymember Walter Mosley’s 3rd annual job fair. There, they were able to discuss career opportunities with representatives from several organizations including the New York City Housing Authority and the US Coast Guard. They also participated in resume writing workshops, interviewing skills seminars, and financial literacy training.

“It’s a great opportunity for young people to access important information they probably wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise,” Dorell says.

Dorell adds that it makes sense for BDS to be involved as yet another way the organization is proactive in the community which is serves.

“There’s a correlation between employment and recidivism,” he explains. “If kids find jobs, they don’t find criminal mischief.”

But, Dorell also has his own personal reasons for being involved.

“It’s very satisfying for me because I get to see them get excited about being exposed to the opportunities that are out there,” he says. “We take these things for granted but, for a young person who doesn’t know that these things exist, the possibility of getting a job and being a productive member of their community is very appealing.”